Ambulance Department now has in-house driving instructors

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has its own certified driving instructors.

Last week Ambulance Department staff which falls under the Ministry of Public Health was presented with diplomas and score sheets including certificates for the emergency driving course and the same for the emergency driving instructor course, in the presence of Minister of Public Health Maria Buncamper-Molanus. 

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The emergency driving instructor course covered such areas as traffic laws, theory of education, participation in traffic, vehicle command and control, vehicle technique and test driving.

The general emergency driving course covered areas such as traffic ordinances, transport and administration ordinances, driving codes and driving ability.

Head of the Ambulance Department Cylred Richardson told the Government Information Service (GIS) that he was very pleased to see the growth and professionalism in the development of his staff.

"It is a plus for us to have our own driving instructors who are able to conduct general training including ongoing refresher training courses in an effort to keep staff up to par with the latest developments and to further enhance their driving skills.

"The Ambulance Department (EMS) will continue to improve its services to the community and provide the best quality in emergency medical services," Richardson told GIS.