Minister of Justice Roland Duncan – BTA Extension

The long awaited Brooks Tower Accord decisions regarding residency and work permits have been made. Minister of Justice Roland Duncan has reviewed the policies that were set in place by the former Justice Minister Magali Jacoba and has decided to extend the BTA for a period of 6 weeks starting on November the 24th 2010 and ending on December the 30th 2010. 

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All interested persons must submit their documents for extension within the given time period.

The location where the BTA will address the public will be on the A.T. Illidge rd #4 located behind the Immigration building. (Pink Building)

Opening hours are from 8am ‘til 12pm and from 13.00pm ‘til 17.00pm. A numbering system will be applied (1st come 1st served system) with a maximum of 100 persons per day.

Applicants are urged to walk with all the necessary documents and legitimate identification to help the process run smooth and swiftly.

Persons who have pending problems with (certain) documents and will not be able to submit all the necessary paper work on time are requested to still seek contact with the BTA for perusal.