St. Maarten delegation meets with Groenlinks & Party van de Dieren


The Sint Maarten delegation headed by Vice Prime Minister Theo Heyliger continued their introductory meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday making their rounds and establishing contacts with the Dutch political establishment.

The trip to Holland is to strengthen the relationship between Holland and Sint Maarten and to meet the various political personalities in power.

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In the photo above Groenlinks: Left to right, Sint Maarten delegation member Cleveland Beresford, Ineke van Gendt spokesperson for the Groenlinks Party, Vice Prime Minister Hon. Theo Heyliger, Hon. Minister of Finance Hiro Shigemoto and Sint Maarten delegation member Veronica Jansen-Webster. Gendt was given an update on developments on the island and she was very much interested in learning about education, and social projects geared towards the youth of the island. Social housing was also discussed with Gendt.


In the photo above Left to right: Hon. Minister of Finance Hiro Shigemoto, Faction Leader of Party voor de Dieren Marianne Thieme and Vice Prime Minister Hon. Theo Heyliger. During the introductory meeting, Thieme was interested in the sustainability of projects on the island.