Sint Maarten attending EPI managers meeting

Acting Head of Collective Preventive Services (CPS) at the Ministry of Public Health Maria Henry will be Sint Maarten’s representative at the 27th Caribbean EPI Managers meeting to be held on the Cayman Islands from November 15-19. 

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The main objective of the meeting is to analyze, plan and share experiences on immunization programs.

Recommendations will be made for improving the coverage for immunization and surveillance activities. The introduction of new and underutilize vaccines and plans concerning data gathering on prevalence of circulating diseases will be discussed.

Conference delegates will also discuss the H1N1 vaccination program that was implemented in response to the pandemic and seasonal influenza; to analyze and evaluate the status of measles rubella and CRS elimination.

Delegates will also analyze the status of the EPI Program in each country and to set targets and objectives of each country with respect to immunization coverage and reduction of morbidity and mortality from the EPI diseases for the year 2011.

Henry, acting as EPI Manager will provide an overview of St. Maarten’s vaccination activities for 2010 and the intended plans for 2011.