Primary & Secondary School Tournament 2011 upcoming games

The 2011 Primary & Secondary Schools Basketball Tournament will get started on Friday, 7th January 2011 at 3:00pm at the L. B. Sott Sports Auditorium. 

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The Primary schools that have been invited to participate are:

Martin Luther King Jr, Sis Mary Lawrence. Genevieve Deweever, St.Joseph, Sis Borgia, Oranje, St.Dominic, MAC John Gumbs Campus, Ruby Labega, StPeters HillSide, LU, CIA, Regina, Leonard Connor, Chares Leopold bell, Sis Magda,

The Secondary schools that have been invited to participate are:

St.Dominic High, MPC1, MPC2, St.Maarten Vocational, SXM Academy PSVE, St.Maarten Academy, Sundial, Learning Unlimited, CIA, LYCEE

· In order for a student to be on the school team the student must be attending the school that the student intends to represent.

· Students that want to play for the Primary school should not exceed the age of 13 years and for the Secondary School should not exceed the age of 20 years.

· Each school(Primary & Secondary) must have an adult coach with them on the bench during the games.

· Each school must have a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 12 players.

· Each school must have the same T-Shirts with the printed numbers between 4-15 at the back

· School Teams should be present at least 15 minutes before their scheduled game.

· There will be a zero tolerance at these games; fighting, bad words, drugs will not be tolerated.

· Deadline for school teams to register and to have the registration forms filled out and returned is 2nd January 2011.

. Schools that want to register or need more information can call 5530238 or