Koraal Specht suffered most by downpour Tomas


WILLEMSTAD — The district Koraal Specht suffered the most by the heavy downpours caused by the tail of tropical storm Tomas. Adrian Leesly, community father of the district Koraal Specht, spoke of a sad situation Wednesday morning and of local residents literally having lost everything.


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Leesly himself lives on Kaya Dori, and says he lost almost everything due to the showers. "The rain has destroyed the entire contents of my house. The water in my house rose to hip level. The refrigerator and the TV are defect, and the stove doesn’t work either. I now have an empty house. I lost everything."
The community father was on Kaya Shèrs when he spoke with the Amigoe this morning. According to Leesly, certainly ten households in this street have literally lost everything. "Everyone put the mattresses, refrigerators and clothes on the streets. The rain has affected everything. People do no know what to expect. These people need help."
Leesly emphasizes that the people in the neighborhood need beds first. He indicated to approach the residents personally in order to find out what they precisely needed at this moment. However, the dismay is extreme in the neighborhood. "This happened at a moment that many people already received their salary. Many people have already spent their salary, and are now confronted with this situation. What is one to do at such a moment? You bought meat, but the refrigerator isn’t working for three days already, and the meat is not edible on the fourth day."
During a press conference of the Council of Ministers of Curaçao yesterday, Minister Nasser el Hakim (Economic Affairs, MKF) indicated that the residents of the Koraal Specht district has the government’s highest priority. His colleague Charles Cooper (Traffic, Transport and Regional Planning, MAN) indicated he visited Koraal Specht personally. He said he saw very grave situations. "People have lost almost everything. We arranged for mattresses so that they could sleep on these." Cooper said he had visited houses where the water had risen above 1.30 meters. In such situations, it’s possible sewerage water mixes with rainwater. For that reason, on behalf of the government Cooper called on all victims to get rid of everything that was affected by the water in order to avoid possible infections. The Minister also responded to criticism on the local authorities during the past period. "More than 260 millimeters of rain had fallen in a six-hour period at some locations. Curaçao receives some 525 millimeters of rain on an annual basis. In other words, approximately half of what fell within six hours usually falls through the year. It is impossible to make an infrastructure that could cope with so much water within six hours."

379 reports
The worst flooding due to hurricane Tomas, occurred in the surroundings of Muizenberg, Zuikertuintje, Saliña and Koraal Specht. Marlon Wernet, head of the Police Department stated this Wednesday during a press conference convened by the country. Up to Wednesday, the local authorities received 379 reports. According to Wernet, the vast majority of these regard flooding.