Dennis Richardson: St. Maarten must be given time


Sint Maarten, needs time to build the new country. That was said by Dennis Richardson, a member of the Advisory Board of St. Maarten and objective member of the Council of State.

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Richardson is one of the main advisers of St. Maarten and accompanied Prime Sarah Wescot-Williams on her visit in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, it is said that St. Maarten’s Richardson is up for appointment as a member of the Council of State. He does not know about it, but the decision is in the Royal Council of Ministers.
Richardson said shortly after it was leaked: "It robs you a little freedom to say no, when you want to keep that freedom." If it continues then he is an associate member of the Advisory Board. "So I can continue to contribute to the building of St. Maarten."
Time needed
Richardson says about the future that his country faces a huge challenge to the new state of reality. "That we see every day since 10/10/10." Much needs to be rebuilt from the ground. "We do not hang the head. There is a tremendous enthusiasm." Richardson hopes the good will of the Netherlands will help: "Rome was not built in one day. We need time."