Dennis Richardson proposed for Council of State

The government of Saint Maarten has proposed old-governor Dennis Richardson as a member for the Council of State. If the appointment of Richardson is fact, he becomes the first state council for St Maarten. The Council of State is the most important counseling body of the government.  

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St Maarten may propose as autonomous country within the Kingdom of the the Netherlands a candidate for the Council of State. Dennis Richardson is now yet member of the Council of Advice of St Maarten. St Maarten proposed Dennis Richardson in October. The expectation is that its appointment is only a formality.

If a country proposes someone, becomes that people almost always well appointed.


Dennis Richardson was governor of St Maarten from 1994 until 2000 . As project managers Political renewals, Richardson in the past years has been closely concerned by the demolition of the Dutch Antilles and the realization of the country St Maarten. He was one of most important counsellors of the island territory St Maarten.

The autonomous countries of the Kingdom may propose each a member for the Council of State. These are members of the Council of the Kingdom. Yet Mr. Martin Ellis is now state council on behalf of the Dutch Antilles. The expectation is that the new government of Curaçao will propose him as state council of the new country. Mr. ing. Hubert Maduro fulfills the position on behalf of Aruba.

The members of the Council of State are appointed for life. Often this means that they resign upon reaching the age of 70. King Beatrix is the chairman of the Council of State. The actual leadership is however in hands of the vice-president, Herman Tjeenk-Willink. The vice-presidents of the Council of State is one of most important counsellors of the Queen.

Ing. Gilbert Wawoe is one of the most known state council of the Kingdom. He was not the only member on behalf of the Dutch Antilles, but over the years Aruba has represented also in the Council of State. Gilbert Wawoe has been withdrawn in March 2007 by the reaching of the 70-birthday age as State council.