Curacao to Start Importing fruit from the Dominican Republic

WILLEMSTAD — Minister Abdul Nasser el Hakim (Economical Affairs, MFK) held conversations in the Dominican Republic that should lead to the import of cheap fruit and vegetables to the island. The Minister discussed export possibilities to Curaçao with Johan Budhai, owner of Caribbean Vegetables Export Company (Carvexco).


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A press report from the Communication and Information Department (DVC) of the island government states that the Minister supports opening the local market for the import of cheap vegetables and fruit for lower prices, but of high quality. This fits within the government’s intention to stimulate the population to live healthier, with the aim to lower the costs in the healthcare sector. The possibilities to export fruit and vegetables from the Dominican Republic to Curaçao were discussed during the conversations with Budhai.
A workshop will soon be held for local importers to inform them on the possibilities to import vegetables and fruit from the Dominican Republic. Vegetables and fruit are currently imported amongst others from Venezuela, Columbia, the United States and the Netherlands. However, the costs of getting these products to the island are rather high. Minister El Hakim says he prefers to arrange this transportation via an own airline company against lower rates in order to agree on a good price for these products. During the conversation between Budhai and El Hakim that was held in the Dutch embassy in Sto. Domingo, Budhai guaranteed that his company’s products – which he also exports to the Netherlands – comply with the European quality standards.
It was agreed that Budhai would send El Hakim several quotations.