Report on the International Coastal Cleanup 2010


On Sunday, The International Coastal Cleanup came to end on Sint Maarten with the last beach cleanup held at the Point Blanche Beach.

77 Volunteers from the Seventh Day Adventist Adventurers youngsters, Educators, and Master Guides in training took to the beach and made an inventory of all pieces of trash found.

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The group collected 25 bags of trash, 3 tires, and several pieces of metal.

The Seventh Day Adventist Church are annual volunteers during the International Coastal Cleanup period, with the Pathfinders participating a few weeks ago at the Belair Beach.

This year several beaches were cleaned and inventoried for the International Coastal Cleanup, those are:

Mullet Bay Beach with over 511 volunteers in attendance-others included

Cupecoy Beach, Simpson Bay Beach, Cole Bay Beach, Belair Beach, Guana Bay Beach and Point Blanche Beach.

The data of all trash will be summarized and the results sent on to the Ocean Conservancy to be added to the annual Ocean Conservancy report on marine debris.

The 2010 Ocean Conservancy report (with data from 2009) can be found online at, the report titled: Trash Travels, From Our Hands to the Sea, Around the Globe, and Through Time.

The International Coastal Cleanup is starting a SEA Change in the way people think of a healthy planet, by cleaning up trash they are doing their part to clean the oceans. Two thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered by Ocean. The Ocean is the engine that drives our climate and provides much of the food we eat, the oxygen we breathe,and home to 97 percent of all life.

Sint Maarten PRIDE foundation would like to extend gratitude to all volunteers who participated during the ICC period, and to the sponsors that provided us with the necessary clean up tools and trash removal.

A full report of all itemized pieces of trash collected at the beaches will be made available in the coming weeks.