Update on death of Caucasian male in Maho Reef

On Saturday morning between 02.00 and 02.40 a.m. police patrols were directed to the Maho Reef area for a serious traffic accident, whereby a man was struck by speeding car and died as a result of injuries he sustained during this incident. He was treated on the scene by paramedics however died shortly after.  

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The death of the victim was pronounced by a medical doctor on the scene. However on the scene the investigating officers and traffic department were not able to determine exactly what happened and to classify this as a traffic accident. The Detective and Forensic department were then called to assist in the investigation. The cause of the death of this man is still unclear and his identity is temporarily been withheld. The investigation is still ongoing.

The police department is asking any one who may have any information in connection with any of these cases to call the police department as soon as possible and pass on this information. The information you give might just be that what the police department needs to shed some light on these cases.