Government website offline

The Government official website is currently offline to be revamped and reflect country status.

The site will feature the new country structure such as the Office of the Governor General, the Council of Ministers and Parliament.  

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Other government institutions to be featured are the Ombudsman, Council of Advice, General Audit Chamber and Standing Advisory Committees.

The responsibilities of the seven Government Ministries will also be featured along with the portfolios of the seven members of the Council of Ministers.

The site also carries the latest news developments within government besides links for residents, business, visitors and students.

The site also features a civil servants corner, health update, government information page news, as well as employment opportunities within the civil service corps.

The site is managed and updated by the Government Information Service (GIS) webmaster Jeanelle Mardembrough on a daily basis.

It will also feature weekly news and special video programs of the government news service. The site is still in development and additional information will be added in the coming weeks and months.

The site will also feature the various organic laws for country Sint Maarten along with the country Constitution.

The site has been established to facilitate information and news in a timely accurate manner to internal and external publics on the policies, programmes and projects of the Government of Sint Maarten.