Prime Minister Now Responsible for Disaster Management


The Ministry of General Affairs is now responsible for Disaster Management, and this Ministry falls under the direct responsibility of the Prime Minister.

Therefore the Prime Minister is now responsible for the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and will act as Chairperson of the EOC in the event of a national emergency.

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The aforementioned also includes EOC meetings that are called to deal with the threat posed by an approaching hurricane.

The Prime Minister will be responsible for calling an EOC meeting that includes meeting with several or all the 10 Emergency Support Functions (ESFs).

The Ministry of General Affairs will also be the ministry responsible for drafting the curfew decree on behalf of the Prime Minister via a Government Resolution. The Prime Minister has the responsibility to also inform Parliament in a reasonable time about the curfew, the purpose and duration.

The Ministry of General Affairs, Office of Disaster Management & Preparedness, is responsible for the issuing of hurricane passes on behalf of the Prime Minister.