New arrangements being worked on for Sint Maarten participation in Millennium Development Goals

The Department of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations (BAK) is busy drafting a plan of action related to country Sint Maarten’s role in the process of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). Sint Maarten’s Prime Minister will be most probably the political representative on MDG’s.


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In 2000, 189 states, members of the United Nations (UN) adopted the Millennium Declaration, 147 of which were represented by their Head of State. This was a defining moment for global cooperation in the 21st century.

Holland signed the agreement with the UN and Sint Maarten now a country within the Kingdom, the agreement is now applicable to the country and the Government has to put mechanisms in place to comply with the MDG.

Loekie Morales of the department BAK is the Government’s representative on MDG’s for Sint Maarten.

Morales told the Government Information Service (GIS) on Tuesday that together with the MDG Work Group comprising of representatives from different ministries, representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations, and representatives from the private sector, will address the MDG issues and see to it that they form part of the police plans at ministerial level.

The MDG declaration brought together past agreed goals on international development, and gave birth to a set of concrete and measurable development objectives known as the MDG.

Leaders from both developed and developing countries committed to achieve these goals by 2015.

The MDGs are the highest profile articulation of the internationally agreed development goals associated with the UN development agenda, representing the culmination of numerous important UN summits held during the pervious decade, including summits on sustainable development, education, children, food, women, population and social development.

The aforementioned are tied to targets for addressing extreme poverty, hunger and disease, and for promoting gender equality, education and environmental sustainability.

They are also an expression of basic human rights: the rights of everyone to good health, education and shelter. The eighth Goal, to build a global partnership for development, includes commitments in the areas of development assistance, debt relief, trade and access to technologies.

The MDG promise is not based on pity or charity, but on solidarity, justice and the recognition that we are increasingly dependent on one another for our shared prosperity and security.