4 suspects arrested

On Monday October 11th at approximately 03.30 p.m. patrols were directed to Sucker garden road to assist a off-duty officer who had located a suspect for whom for quite some time a warrant for his arrest had been issued.  

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This suspect from Sint Maarten with the initials S.S. has been suspected of being involved in several armed robberies on the island. The suspect in question was arrested on the crossing of Sucker garden road and Archroad while driving in a car with three other men. During a search of the car in question a large plastic bag containing marijuana was found. No one in the car could give an acceptable account of who the drugs belong to or where it came from. The other three men in the car were then arrested for drug possession. Their initials of these suspects are are G.J., R.M. and G.D and are from Curacao. They were all taken to the Philipsbrg Police Station and handed over to the Narcotic Dept. and Special Robbery Unit for further investigation.