Van Nistelrooij: BES belong in EU

Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius may, after October 10 may rely on subsidies from the European Union. The BES islands must be regarded as’ outposts of the EU ". MEP Lambert van Nistelrooy of the CDA calls on Netherlands to that status to apply for the islands. 

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According to the MEP is in the application is not very much time sitting. "It’s a UPG status. It used to be amended to the European Convention on the list of islands to be entitled to such status. BES islands can now come into play in the Eredivisie of these islands."
There must be met certain requirements regarding good governance, according to Van Nistelrooy. "Plus, you must implement the European laws sufficiently. You do not have the euro adoption, but it is well to look, not just get that status." In the reform process has been long discussions about the so-called UPG-status, because there is too much fear interference from Brussels.