3 persons arrested in shooting incident St.Peters Road


In connection with the ongoing investigation concerning the shooting incident which took place on Thursday morning September 23rd on the crossing of Sint Peters road/ Apricot road, detectives have arrested three persons.

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According to the investigating officers it seems that the incident was between two men. One with the initials F.G. and the with the initials S.C. who for still not completely clear reasons shot at each other that particular morning. The suspect S.C. was arrested the same of the incident. F.G. was arrested at his home at Caines drive on Monday September 27th at approximately 08.00 p.m.


During his arrest F.G. stated that he had be shot twice in his right leg during the shooting. he also stated that after the shooting he left the scene on a scooter. He later went to the hospital on the French side where he was treated for his injuries. After treatment he was released and had been at home since.


During a search of the home of the suspect in the presence of his mother with initials V.B.M. several shotgun cartridges were found and confiscated for further investigation. V.B.M. who at the time refused to cooperate with the investigation was also arrested and put into custody. This case in still under investigation and when more information becomes available it will be sent to the press.