Shots fired in Sint Peters

Thursday morning at approximately 09.00 a.m. several police patrols and Detectives were directed to the corner of Sint Peters Road/ Apricot road where shortly before, according to the report, shots were fired possibly by occupants of a small verhicle. 

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On the scene the patrols and detectives did not locate any-one that was involved in any shooting however on the scene they Forensic department did encounter evidence which indicated that several shots had been fired in the area. No-one had reported being shot or shot at to the detectives or brought in to the medical center for medical treatment. The area was closed off by the Forensic Department to conduct an indepth investigation. No one has been arrested in the case and the investigation is ongoing. The police dept. is asking anyone who may have any information in connection with case to call the detective dept. and pass on the information.