Foreign Affairs mini conference held at UTS building


All sectors and departments and future ministries, a maximum of 5 persons from each ministry, are being briefed and informed on the department of Foreign Affairs.

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These persons who have learned about the Foreign Affairs department will now pass on the information to other civil servants in their sectors and departments.

Facilitator Pyt Lucas brought a team together to provide insight into the different subject areas of a Foreign Affairs department to the civil servants, from treaties to international standards on human rights. In addition to other subject areas: international organizations, protocols, visa policies, and recent changes and developments.

The instructors were W. Schiff, J. de Jong Mercelina, D. van der Veen, and S. Nicolaas.

The Department of Foreign Affairs office is open and is busy finalizing operational matters.

The department will consist of 5 workers, 2 protocol workers, 1 senior policy worker, 2 office workers and 1 strategic policy advisor.