Summer Work Program concludes at Ministry

~Commencement held on Saturday August 21st ~

A commencement ceremony was held on Saturday last for Chantal Jones, Martha Gumbs and Mansfield Webster who recently concluded the Summer Work Program at the Ministry. 

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Miss Gumbs and Mr. Webster are students at the Sundial School and Miss Jones is a student at the Milton Peters College.

During their first week at work the students were given a basic introduction to government on the executive, legislative and judicial apparatus on the Kingdom, Federal and Island level. Louis Duzanson’s book "An Introduction to Government Island Territory of St. Maarten" and Edgar and Julian Lynch’s book "Know your political history", among others are required reading for the Summer Work Program.

The students visited several government departments on both Island Territory and Central Government including the Coast Guard, Disaster Management, Prison and Ambulance Department. They also got in depth information on the constitution of St. Maarten and were able to attend an Island Council Meeting.

Ms. Ari Sutton, Policy Assistant and Mr. Terry J. Peterson, Special Advisor at the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs, served as coordinators of the three week Program.