Police Forensic Dept. get assistance and new equipment

The Police Department which is presently in the process of upgrading its personnel as of August 1st 2010 received assistance from a Forensic Specialist by the name of Jos van Deventer. Mr. van Deventer is from the Netherlands and will be assisting our local Forensic Department during any criminal investigations. 

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Mr. van Deventer will be giving assistance to this department for the next two years. During these two years will also be giving training in how to better manage a
crime scene, to three members of the police force who recently have been assigned to the Forensic Department.
The Forensic Department also recently received a new Forensic vehicle and new and very much needed up to date equipment to better deal with crime scene investigations.
In the picture from Left to Right

Dep. Chief Commisioner Carl John
Mr. J. Juliet, Major ER. Levenstone

Chief of Police Commissioner
Peter de Witte, Forensic Specialist Jos van Deventer

Human Resource Manager L. Brooks-Lake, Officer M. Atmopawiro