France U21 National Baseball Selection settled for Bronze in European Baseball Championship

The French National Baseball selection according to all indications should have played the finals but to their surprise the Red Russian Selection bombarded the French team in the third inning in such a manner that it was unbelievable to see all the French pitchers not being able to stop the bombardment . 

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The Russian team scored 11 runs in the third inning only. When the score was 13 – 1 manager of the French selection then called upon the St. Martin player Luis de la Rosa. In spite of the fact that France was losing the game, it was for me – as his coach for over 12 years – a great satisfaction to see him on the mound as never before. He contained the Russians batters for four innings without any more runs scored. That night France used at least six pitchers. To put it simple the Russian Team stunned France for the biggest upset of the Championship. The Russian team then went on to play the finals against the team of the Czech Republic and lost 7 – 3; thus capturing the silver medal while the home team, the team of the Czech Republic captured the gold. With the good behavior and performance of the St. Martin players both in the senior as well as in the 21 U it can be accepted that St. Martin players has consolidated their position in the French National Baseball Selection.