Race, colour or sex not important for success !!

Walter Bourne to present t his book "Culture a clever seduction " at the Philipsburg Jubilee Library

This Sunday august 15th intravalue coach and trainer Walther Bourne will give a presentation about his recently published book ‘ Culture a clever seduction.  

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The basic concept of this book is that not your race, your colour or your sex determine who you are, but your intra-value and intropreneurship. and how culture distracts people from these elementary abilities and powers.

Intra-value stands for the twelve elementary abilities and powers each person has. If this person properly recognizes and uses these abilities, we speak of intropreneurship. You will then handle these capabilities as a businessman", Bourne explains. "Intra-value goes beyond culture, making differences disappear".

In Bourne ‘s opinion working on your intra-value and your intropreneurship is the key to the success of every person, regardless of race, colour or sex.

Walther Bourne was born in Paramaribo in 1953 and moved to the Netherlands in 1971. In Heerlen, he founded his company Enhan Human Sources. With his "competencies license", he teaches people how to know their intra-value

The Philipsburg would like to invite the general public to come to this very interesting and inspiring presentation.

The presentation will take place in the hall of the library on Sunday August 15 between 7.30 pm and 9.30 pm.

For more information call the Libary tel. 542 2970