Police fire warning shot during chase

The Police 0-tolerance team Wednesday morning continued their general controls in connection with the increase in criminal activities on the island and mainly the increase in armed robberies taken place in broad daylight. These controls have been going on during the day and at night for approximately three weeks now. The intention is to continue these controls and intensifying them. 

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At approximately 10.30 a.m. a patrol from the 0-tolerance team, while driving on the Long wall road in the vicinity of the Beach Plaza Casino, spotted a white Toyota Yaris with the license plate

46ZBD971 and darkly tinted windows driving in the direction of Front street. The patrol also noticed that at least two persons were in the vehicle at the time. The patrol ordered the driver of the car to stop to carry out a routine control however the driver instead increased his speed and continued his way. The patrol chased the suspect vehicle to the vicinity of Radio Shack where the car was brought to a stop and both men stepped out and took off running. The patrol started chasing these men on foot. While running away one the officers saw that man who later turned out to be the driver had an object that looked like a fire-arm in his hand. These men were ordered to stop however the suspect who was spotted with object in his hand continued running. A warning shot was then fired by the officer however the suspect succeeded in avoiding his capture. The other suspect with the initials L.L. from Guyana was caught and arrested on the spot. A description of the suspect that escaped was given to the other patrols. Shortly after a man fitting that description was arrested in the Philipsburg area.

During a search of the back-pack this suspect with the initials E.A.D.

from Sint Maarten, had with him the barrel of a revolver was found and confiscated for further investigation. During the further investigation L.L. stated that he ran because he does not have any documents to stay on the island. He was handed over to the immigration dept. for deportation. The suspect E.A.D. was turned over to the Narcotic and Fire Division for further investigation, however turned out not to be the driver of the car.. The driver of the car has not yet been located.