Lugisse extends stay due to high interests in the Tallahassee/Sint Maarten partnership

Executive Director of the Tallahassee-Sint Maarten Foundation (TLH-SXMF) Arthur (Arturo) Lugisse, has extended his stay on the island due to the high interests shown in the Tallahassee/Sint Maarten partnership.  

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Lugisse who was scheduled to leave on Friday, August 13 will stay until Monday, August 23 and is available to meet with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), individuals, students, businesses, associations and other entities up until and including Friday, August 20.

The partnership includes joint relationships in the following areas, infrastructure, environment, human resources’, health, police matters, EMS Ambulance services, meteorology, agriculture, fire department, technology, arts and culture, youth issues (juvenile delinquency, gang development), sports, financial options, and assorted joint ventures including education possibilities for those who didn’t get study financing (Dutch, French or a Caribbean national) to still enter the Florida A&M University in Tallahassee at in-state tuition which is almost one third of the costs of out of state.

Businesses and educational institutions seeking to explore and develop programs/projects/policies/products/services in conjunction with entities out of Tallahassee for Sint Maarten can contact Arthur Lugisse up until and including Friday, August 20 at the Victorious Living Office, Backstreet #158B or call 520-1802, 542-2663 or send an email to po*********@ho*****.com or via the foundations website