DP Councilmember Maria Buncamper speaks-out after no show of Executive Council

"Not showing up for meetings of the Island Council can be considered neglect of your responsibilities for which Island Council Members have been elected by the people" say DP Councilmember Maria Buncamper Molanus after the rescheduled Island Council meeting once again could not get started due to a lack of quorum. 

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The DP councilmember continued to state that contrary to the opinion of at least one member of the NA lead Executive Council, public transportation, as well as matters related to the transition to country St. Maarten such as, BZV card holders, Joint Currency/Central Bank, Social Charter for government Employees and Post (bank) Services, the Democratic Party strongly believes that these issues directly affect the lives of the people of St. Maarten.

Wednesday’s Island Council meeting which once again did not get started because only the DP faction signed up for the meeting clearly illustrates who is taking the people’s business seriously.

Buncamper-Molanus said that while it is not surprising, the constitution for Country St. Maarten which was approved by the Island Council on July 21st still has not been translated into the English language and made available to the public of St. Maarten. During the debate of the draft constitution the DP faction in the Island Council insisted on having Government commit to translating the document into English as well as having public forums organized within the shortest possible time. Three weeks later there is no evidence of either of these commitments made by Commissioner William Marlin on behalf of the Executive Council, having been lived up to.

One can only wonder what else is in store for us. We continue to await government’s explanation as to which language will be considered official when it concerns laws and policies, especially when it pertains to their legal interpretation.

And as we continue to call upon government to give account for their actions or a lack thereof, the people remain in the dark about what will happen in among others, the area of the pension, health insurance, healthcare and specialized care if not available locally. And with respect to the currency that will be used and how that affects the economy, every day transactions when we buy goods and services or the sums of money small or large that the people have in local banks, remains an even bigger mystery.

The Democratic Party will remain prudent in seeking information in an effort to inform the people; concludes Democratic Party Councilmember Maria Buncamper-Molanus.