Senior Citizens Recreational Foundation Receive Dutch Funding for Renovation

Leisure Activities Project

The Senior Citizens Recreational Foundation in Hope Estate is the latest recipient of funds from the Dutch funding agency Samenwerkende Fondsen Nederlandse Antillen en Aruba. 

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During a presentation ceremony last Thursday, Samenwerkende Fondsen Treasurer, Mr. Perry Wilson announced that the Senior Citizens Recreational Foundation will receive $30,000 to renovate the Foundation’s Building in Hope Estate and also to expand recreational activities for seniors using the facility.

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Mr. Wilson said under funding rules the first installment of the grant will be 75% of the total amount from the local chapter, Stichting Aviescollege St. Maarten. The balance will be given once the work has started and receipts have been submitted according to the project plan.

A check for (amount here) was presented by Mr. Wilson on behalf of the local Samenwerkende Fondsen representative and President of Stichting Aviescollege St. Maarten Mr. Mathias Voges, to the Senior Citizens Recreational Foundation President, Ms. Violet Lake and Foundation Treasurer Mr. Dennis Rombley.

Speaking on behalf of the Foundation, Mr. Rombley thanked Mr. Wilson and his team for giving positive advice to the Dutch funding charities on the group’s project dossier.

"The funds will be used for several renovation and repair projects in the building and it will also allow us to finally complete our Games Room for seniors that was donated by GEBE," said Mr. Rombley.

He said a good part of the funds will be spent on activities for the seniors to keep them active and stimulated.

Similar sentiments were expressed by the Foundation’s president Ms. Lake, who said several activities that have been on hold until now can now be developed with the available funds.

Mr. Wilson said the Senior Citizens Recreational Foundation is only one of many St. Maarten foundations and/or organizations that have received funding from Dutch charities over the years.

This year is unique however, because it is the first year in which funds have been dispersed under the umbrella body of the Samenwerkende Fondsen Nederlandse en Aruba with a local chapter, Stichting Aviescollege St. Maarten, charged with dispersing the funds.

He explained that the Samenwerkende Fondsen is made up of several Dutch charity groups that have joined forces so that they can provide an easier path to funding for worthy community projects. These charities consist of: Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland; Oranje Fonds; Fonds Sluyterman van Loo and Skanfonds.

According to Mr. Wilson the charities are especially interested in funding projects for seniors and youth in the Netherlands Antilles.

"We are undersubscribed with the number of projects we submit each year, so we are always looking for good community projects from St. Maarten," continued Mr. Wilson.

He said St. Maarten Foundations or volunteer groups interested in submitting projects should contact local chapter president Mr. Mathias to see if they quality and also to receiving information on how they can submit their project dossiers.

Contact : Mr. M. Voges; Adviescollege St. Maarten, P.O. Box 404, Philipsburg. Tel. (00 599) 542 3858; Fax. (00 599) 543 0297 e-mail –

Interested parties can also visit the group’s website at,