St.Maarten’s Mental Health Foundation holds Alzheimer mini conference

Monday August 2, 2010 the Mental Health Foundation hosted a mini Symposium regarding the new developments and treatment methods as well as testing methods.  

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This event was made possible through sponsorship from Pfizer pharmaceuticals, in their efforts to work together for a healthier world.

The Mental Health Foundation recognizes that patient/client care requires a multi-disciplinary approach and in particular, assistance from and collaboration with treating physicians and other specialists.

Dr Glenn Matroos, Psychiatrist presented the most recent research results and statistics with regards to treatment methods and Drs Rodney Stewart who is a neuro-psychologist presented testing methods and challenged the group to some tests.

Persons are getting older, women more than men, dementia and Alzheimer’s is known to be an illness of the aging and is therefore on the rise world wide. Treatment and management of the disease is one of the reasons for the rising health care cost. Not only elderly are susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease there are many other causes that were explained during the conference.

The participants applauded the initiative and the very informative sessions from both presenters. The scientific content and the quality of the presentations scored very high in the evaluations of the participants.

The foundation extends its gratitude to the presenters, the sponsor and the participants from St. Maarten and St. Eustatius.