Few school bus inspection so far

Wednesday July 28th 2010, is the last day for the inspection of school busses by the Department of Inspection, Control, and Security(CIB). 

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Although there will be follow-up sessions scheduled for a later date, those are reserved as and for secondary sessions for busses that have already had the initial inspection.

At this present time, Head of CIB, Martha Thewet, said that only 8 of out 64 buses have been inspected at noon on Tuesday, July 27. So there are a lot more bus owners/operators who have to contact the department and schedule an appointment for inspection. Thus, bus owners and drivers are asked to bring in their busses for inspection, and to make sure that all the paperwork is in order.

Currently, it is not sufficient to bring in partial documents, but a total inspection requires that all the technical and documentary aspects are in order.

If buses do not show up, it is considered not having passed the inspection. So considering the circumstances, it is a two-way street, each one needs the other. If owners/operators don’t come in to have their busses inspected, then they cannot drive the school children to school and therefore won’t get paid. On the other hand, if there are insufficient school busses then many children will not be able to go to school, Thewet said. So both of us have to go through the process.

We will not and cannot compromise the safety of our children. Every bus has to go through the rigors of inspection and come out with a clean bill of health if they are to transport school children.

Key documents to have are: the insurance up to date, the correct type of driver’s license, and the general good condition of the bus—three factors that are crucial to the inspection process.

Tomorrow is the third and last day for bus inspection. For now, so it is urged that bus drivers and owners bring in their busses to be inspected.

For more information, contact Ms. Thewet at telephone number: 542-4511 or via fax: 542-3800.