Police Report: Traffic Accidents & Flat-tire Bandits

The Police Traffic Department has reported to have attended at least 8 traffic accidents of which several are still under investigation.  

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Three of these accidents were without any personal injuries, one hit and run accident, four accidents with personal injuries, the last one which took the life of the female driver.

This fatal accident took place on Monday July 26th at approximately 02.00 A.M. when police patrols, Police traffic Department, Ambulance Department and Fire Department were directed to Coralita road for a serious traffic accident whereby the driver of a car was seriously injured. On the scene the police patrols encountered a blue Suzuki Swift with the license plate 408ZBE971 which had substantial damage lying on its side and the female driver who was seriously injured, was pinned under the wreckage. The personnel of the Fire department freed the victim from the wreckage after which the paramedics went to work on the victim in the attempt to save her life, however shortly after the victim was pronounced dead on the scene by a medical doctor. The name of the victim in this tragic case was Khimouy Andromeda Antoine 18 years of age. The victim would of celebrated her 19th birthday on August 12th upcoming. Her remains were transported to a local morgue.

During the preliminary investigation showed that this accident was one in which the driver who was driving at very high speed lost control of the vehicle hitting a light pole and ending up on its side. However during a more in depth investigation done by the officers, witnesses stated that another white small vehicle in which three persons were driving was chasing the victim at high speed in her car. In connection with this investigation the main suspect with initials R.P.J.G. from Sint Maarten was arrested and the suspect vehicle a white Hyundai Getz with license plate R-829 confiscated. This investigation is still in its early stages and there is much more to be done in this case. It still has to be determined if the Traffic Department will continue this investigation or if the case will be handed over to the Detective Department. As the information becomes available the press will be informed. Deepest sympathy go out to the family of the deceased, on behalf of the Police Department.



Ongoing investigations ( Flat tire bandits)

The Detective department is presently investigating several cases of theft whereby the suspects distract their victims by intentionally letting the air out of a tire of their car during their absence. When the victims wants to drive away with their car, they would realize that one of the tires has no air. The suspects will then offer the victim their assistance to have the tire changed or repaired. While distracting the victim another suspect would gain access into their vehicle steal whatever items the victims have in their vehicle. In connection with these ongoing investigation the Detective Department has arrested a Mexican man and woman as suspects in these cases. The Detective Department is cautioning the entire community to pay very close attention to these type of criminal activities. Also the Detective Department is encouraging anyone who have recently experienced this type of criminal activity to come into the department to file an official report.