DP Setting the Record Straight

The DP needs to set the record straight so that everyone remembers. In an editorial on Friday, July 23, 2010 we read: "The Red Party has been regrouping following a period of internal conflict that led to its Island Council members Heyliger and Louie Laveist going independent to form a new government coalition with the NA". 

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This is a fairly accurate statement, but one that needs amplification: Councilman Louie Laveist became the subject of a criminal investigation. The DP leadership, while presuming innocence until guilt is proven, requested the Councilman to temporarily step aside allowing Justice to take its course. Louie agreed and so his portfolios were re-distributed amongst his colleagues in the Executive Council and Laveist stayed on as Commissioner without portfolios, but with his commissioner’s salary intact. Then when his case was called before the judge and he was found guilty as charged, the DP again asked him to "do the morally and ethically" right thing and resign, so that the next DP candidate of the 2007 elections in line, could be sworn into office and the DP government with a slim 1 seat majority could continue in office to finish the 2007-2011 DP Governing Program. Again for personal financial reasons, Louie decided against the wishes of the Party and Party Leader. Instead, he declared himself an Independent Island Council Member and pulled his support from the DP Government. PERSONAL reasons; nothing to do with what at the time was good for the people of St. Maarten (including those from his home town of Cole Bay ). William Marlin and the National Alliance, wanting to get into government by hook or by crook (pardon the pun) latch on to Wonderful Louie, with whom they (especially Councilman Frans Richardson) had wiped the floor when the criminal investigation by the Prosecutor in Louie’s behavior had started. A deal was made and NA announced they had a 1 seat majority and prepared to take over government from the DP with the help of a convicted DP turn-coat. Enter Theo, who realized that 5 NA plus 1 Louie equals 6, a majority that would cut Theo out of the harbor and THAT meant, loss of control of a big money well. So to conclude, the DP asks the question: Did Louie Laveist and Theo Heyliger desert the DP out of conviction that they were doing the right thing for the PEOPLE of St. Maarten or did they do it because it was the right thing for Louie and Theo? And while we are asking questions, how about this one: Has Gracita gotten over the fact that she left the DP in 2003 because of Theo? Was she not totally upset about the way how former DP Councilman Theo Heyliger in her opinion (THEN) recklessly manipulated his portfolio and especially the harbor project in a "non-transparent and dictatorial manner"? Did she not leave the DP because Theo was SO BAD, so corrupt and totally against her idea of "good governance"? The DP now wants to know!

Michael J. Ferrier

DP President