Statement by the Leader of the DP, Mrs. Sarah Wescot-Williams on the murder of Clemencia J.A. Julot


Shock does not sufficiently describe my feeling upon learning of the senseless murder of yet another young St. Martin woman, 21 year-old Clemencia Julot. A feeling of deep sadness, bordering on anger is a more apt description of how I feel.

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In taking note of the "missing" person report , as a mother and grandmother myself, my first thought, (more hope than thought really) , was one of a possible disagreement at home or wherever, that would solve itself quickly. This you can have in any family, in any working environment or friends’ circle.

The gruesome reports however of her discovery, shattered those hopes and left us faced with a stark reality on our island.

As an avid walker myself, I heed the safety tips about walking on the public roads. This often keeps me at home. Friends in the neighborhood in which the awful crime took place, have confirmed to me that Clemencia usually did not walk or run alone.

I knew the young lady from often visiting her place of work and my heart goes out to her young colleagues.

As a woman and mother, I say especially to the parents and immediate family of Clemencia: " Your pain is immeasurable and no amount of words can ease that. I dare not attempt to even try. But I can say this. I wish you strength in the name of the Almighty. Only He can provide ease and peace in these times."

As a leader in this community, I say it is time again, for us, as leaders transcending political lines to assess not only crime, but the crime factors on St. Maarten. The crime has already been committed and the grief of families affected is immense.

Some might say, this is an emotional response. It is!

The factors "void of emotion" , "disregard for human life", and "intolerance" are becoming common-place is our society. These are indeed threats to our future. Threats to all of us! They must be tackled as one would tackle threats to one’s survival as a people.