Global Missions Church Annual Gospel Concert Postponed due to Unforeseen Circumstances

Replaced with Free Rally for Jesus

The Global Missions Church Annual Gospel Concert planned for July 25 at the Celebration Palace has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, Pastor Esmond Flemming announced on Thursday.

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Instead, a free rally for Jesus will be held at the same venue starting at 7.00pm featuring Rita Richardson and Odyssey.

Persons who have purchased tickets can hold on to them as they are still valid and can be used to enter the concert in October. Date and time as well as venue will be announced in the coming months.

The concert would have featured international guest artists Gerry Thompson from Canada/Jamaica along with some local and regional talents such as Tebron Flemming and Rita Richardson. Tebron is the daughter of pastors Esmond and Sandra Flemming.

Dania Jansen seen as an aspiring young rising singing star is the niece of Pastor Andre Webster was also to take part in the concert along with Cedric Rey.