Replacement Parts for TelEm Group’s Lightning-Damaged Cell Sites Leaving U.S. Suppliers Today

Equipment to replace TelEm Group’s lightning damaged equipment is being shipped out of the U.S. today ready for installation in the company’s damaged cell sites, Thursday and Friday. 

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Manufacturers have had to custom make the equipment and short notice and to TelEm Group specifications following Sunday’s lightening storm during which four company cell sites were damaged.

"Some repairs have been carried out in the Oyster Bay cell site and some customers have been able to make calls in this area but in the meantime mobile customers in the Guana Bay, Sucker Garden, Middle Region, some parts of Oyster Pond, Dawn Beach and parts of Philipsburg will continue to have interruptions in service," said Corporate Communication Officer, Joe Dominique.

He said the equipment is being sent to St. Maarten by express delivery and they will be installed at the various sites as soon as they arrive on the island.

"For the areas experiencing most difficulties we expect to restore service by Friday," said Dominique.