CBS says: Consumer prices St. Maarten April 2010,Prices up by 0.5 percent compared to February

The Central Bureau of Statistics announces that, in April 2010, consumer prices in St. Maarten were 0.5 percent higher than in February 2010.  

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Over the twelve month period ending with April 2010, average consumer prices have risen by 2.4 percent compared to the same period one year earlier.

Price changes between February and April 2010:

In April 2010, consumer prices in St. Maarten were 0.5 percent higher than in

February 2010.

Seven of the nine expenditure categories became more expensive, with the highest peak being displayed by Food (+1.5%). The most noteworthy price changes in this category were displayed by dairy products with a price drop of 2.2 percent, potatoes, vegetables and fruit with a price increase of 5.4 percent and sugar and chocolate with a price jump of 6 percent.

The price fall of dairy products was mainly caused by powder milk that became in average 5 percent cheaper. The greatest influence on the price development of potatoes, vegetables and fruits on the island in April can be attributed to onions and sweet pepper that displayed a price leap of 20 and 78 percent respectively. The price increase of sugar and chocolate was mainly caused by the average price jump of sugar with 9 percent.

Furthermore it is noticeable that paint dropped in price by 8 percent, resulting in maintenance of dwelling becoming less expensive by 1.8 percent. The expenditure category Housing (+0.1%) however stayed fairly stable in price, due to the fact that aforementioned price reduction together with the price decrease of energy expenses (-0.2%) were neutralized by the price increases of dwelling costs (+0.3%) and garden maintenance (+0.3%).

Last but not least it is interesting to focus on the price increase of gasoline with 5 percent, resulting in an increase of the expenses for own transport vehicles by 2 percent. Together with the slight price rise of new cars (transport vehicles in ownership) with an average of 0.7 percent, the latter resulted in the expenditure category Transportation and Communication (+0.8%) becoming slightly more expensive.

Long-term inflation

In April 2010, the twelve-month average of prices for St. Maarten was 2.4 percent higher than in April 2009. According to the CBS, this is a good indicator of long-term inflation. Thus, the rising inflation trend in St. Maarten that has set in since December 2009 continues, albeit slower.

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