WINAIR announces another Carnival fare special


In its continued quest to make air travel affordable despite the current challenging financial times being experienced by many, regional airline, WINAIR has once again launched an attractive carnival fare package from all stations to flights to Saba and St. Eustatius.

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According the Claudio Buncamper, VP of Marketing he said that this new fare is geared at ensuring that the public can attend and or participate in the carnival activities.

"Recognizing our role as an airline for the communities that we serve we are cognizant that we need to get involve in facilitating easy and affordable travel thus we though it best to provide this package which we are confidant of will aid significantly in enhancing the respective carnivals," he said.

Buncamper pointed out that his company will continue to provide these packages in an effort to continue boosting travel to the various destinations we serve especially in these trying times

"We have our own challenges and difficulties but we have been able to ensure that we can provide the needed opportunities for the public to continue with traveling plans and our commitment is that we will continue," he assured.

The VP of Marketing in disclosing the new fares disclosed the following;

From the various Islands to Saba or St. Eustatius, the following fares apply:

St. Maarten US$ 75

St. Barth’s EUR 100


Nevis / Antigua / Montserrat / Tortola / St. Lucia and Dominica US$ 220.00


Buncamper stressed that all quoted fares are roundtrip and excludes taxes noting that travel are valid from July 21 until including August 02, 2010. He further indicated that these special fares to have restrictions and urges passengers to check with the carrier. "We want the public to know that seats are limited thus we urge and beckon them to make absolute benefit of these exceptionally low fares," he declared.

He pointed out that travelers should make maximum use of the fares noting that it provides them with an excellent opportunity of being part of the carnival celebrations.

"Travelers certainly have an opportunity of being part of the respective carnivals so with these very low fares I am very confident that the public would take advantage of this offer," he noted.