Contractors and builders advised to have plans in place as island approaches peak months of hurrican

Contractors and builders are requested to have a plan in place to prepare and secure their job sites as the nation approaches the peak months of the 2010 hurricane season. 

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Even though the season has been quiet so far, every effort should be made to be prepared in the event of a threat.

Contractors and home builders during severe weather are responsible for securing job sites for the protection of the public, property and surrounding areas.

Materials such as plywood, shingles, zinc, and scraps of 2x4s could become flying missiles capable of impaling brick walls or anything in its way.

Construction debris can cause severe damage to property and cost lives. With building and construction activity still taking place on the island, every construction site supervisor or foreman is advised to have a plan in place with respect to what action they will be taking.

A tropical storm system could form during any part of the hurricane season and not necessarily during the peak months of mid August to mid October.

As a general rule, all jobsites should be kept clean. Arrange of timely pick up of trash dumpsters, and only keep materials on the job site you actually will utilize at any given week, and keep construction equipment secure. Any planned supply deliveries should be postponed if the possibility exists of a hurricane threat to the island.

When a hurricane warning is issued, remove all scaffolding, and remove, or safely secure, all building materials and equipment. Sub contractors should also be alerted to their responsibilities as well with respect to securing or removing their materials and equipment.

Stop job processes that will likely become damaged by the hurricane, such as window installations, house wrap, or landscaping. Complete those construction tasks that will likely prevent damage, such as concrete work, closing in a house, or filling in foundation excavations.

Follow through with a quick inspection of your job sites. Do not wait until the last minute to inspect your job sites, as you may need that time to go home and secure your own family home. Employees will need to also do the same.

Once the hurricane is over, return to the job site for damage inspection only when the all clear sign has been given by the Emergency Operations Center headed by the Acting Lt. Governor of the Island Territory of Sint Maarten. Keep in mind that damages from the hurricane may impede efforts for immediate attention of job sites.