DP asks: ”Who’s listening?”

When some months ago renowned American talk show host, Bill O’Reilly referred to the authorities on St.Martin as pinheads, many persons, even within Democratic Party circles, did not take kindly to this statement. 

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As far as those of the Democratic Party were concerned, it was felt that in referring to pinheads, Mr. O’Reilly generalized his reference to authorities. Some persons within the DP even felt, like some others did that pinheads or patriots, no one should come to our country and call persons elected by the people of St. Martin pinheads. If there are pinheads amongst us, they’re our pinheads.

However, when the situation gets to the point where well respected citizens and professionals of this country, refer to actions and statements by members of government as Idiotic, Ignorant and Stupid, then we need to take notice. Are these persons voicing general sentiments? The leader of government who is responsible for actions and statements by the members of his government needs to sit up and take notice and accept responsibility. The deputy leader of government needs to speak up, as silence is consent.

Again we re-iterate, in less than 3 months from today the people of St. Martin will be called to elect 15 persons to the Parliament of country St. Martin. Those members of parliament or any combination of these members, will have to appoint ministers of government. These ministers together will be responsible for every aspect of our daily lives.

Much more than is the case right now, persons appointed as ministers will have full individual responsibility for his/her portfolios. E.g the persons appointed by (a majority of) Parliament members as Minister for Aviation or Health or Labor will be responsible for that portfolio. He or she can issue ministerial decrees, in other words render decisions about aviation, health or labor or any other portfolio assigned to an individual minister.

Allegiance to party, party leader or even to the prime minister is solely on the basis of the backing the minister has in the Parliament, as the Prime Minister can’t dismiss any minister from his/her cabinet. History has shown that in the final analysis, most politicians empowered with a seat in the legislature, choose self over country and party when push comes to shove".

As every member of the NA/Heyliger/Laveist speaks of 10-10-10 in glowing and expectant terms, we have no reason to doubt that these persons will be seeking to ascend to political office in country St. Martin.

Any of the 15 persons elected by the voters of St. Martin, in opting for a Minister’s position, will have to vacate the Parliamentary post the people elected them to. Others on the political list(s) will then move into the vacant seat in Parliament.

We, of the Democratic Party look forward expectantly to 10-10-10 as far the transition to country is concerned.

As far as the transition to the new dualistic system of government is concerned, we view this with much trepidation, a feeling we believe is shared by many in our community.