Press release by the Democratic Party of St. Martin: What awaits us on October 11, 2010?

What awaits us on October 11, 2010?

The Executive Council of St. Martin is scratching its head as it ponders the reason for the lackluster support government is receiving for its efforts to make 10-10-10 a reality.

Where-ever one turns, however one turns, the same tune is heard. What awaits us on 11-10-10?  

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The government of St. Martin seems oblivious to the fact that we are too close to this watershed in our political history to be content with government’s apparent closed door handling of matters that will have a profound effect on every resident of this island.

At least, we hope that there is some action, some attention, some plan for these important areas by the members of the NA/Heyliger/ Laveist government.

The time left until 10-10-10 is shorter than the credit line most businesses apply.

How can we not be pre-occupied when less than 90 (ninety) days away from 10-10-10-, we are yet to hear government unequivocally state that:

For the time-being we will continue to operate as part of the Antillean Monetary Union (Central Bank of the Netherlands Antilles), in other words, we will continue with the Antillean currency (guilder) as the official currency …….. Or not.

In a recent interview on Curacao, the president of the Bank of the Netherlands Antilles, Dr. Emsley Tromp, stated that for a monetary union between Curacao and St. Martin to work, these islands must have agreements as far as financial-economic policies and budget discipline are concerned. Does the Executive Council of St. Martin have such agreements in place and if so, what do these agreements entail?

Are St. Martin’s representatives on the Supervisory Board of the Common Central Bank to be appointed on the basis of their expertise or on the basis of political affiliation, as seems to be the norm of late?

Has government discussed its recently announced tax plans with its counterparts in the Common Central Bank for Curacao/St. Martin, yet to be established?

Politicians on Curacao have made it abundantly clear that all talk on dollarization has been abandoned. Has the government of St. Martin decided that we too will stick to the original plan of our joint own currency, and when is the transition to this new currency being planned?

We pose these questions publicly in the hope that the government of St.Martin will feel itself obliged to answer to the people directly, as the government has long abandoned the notion of working together in the island council towards country St. Martin. The island council is totally ignored, meetings are stalled or indefinitely adjourned, questions are answered selectively and so on.

The Executive Council of St. Martin attempts to silence the island council (read: DP Faction in the island Council) under the mantra of "working for team St. Martin".

Team St. Martin, most definitely, but to accept government ‘s inaction and incapability to deal with most issues, in the name of team spirit, will be a dereliction of duty by each and every elected representative of the people of St. Martin.

Unless of course, government has a magic trick to pull from under the proverbial hat and all of our concerns and those of the people of St. Martin will disappear as snow before the sun, come 11-10-10.

The Democratic Party can not and will not sit back in the name of unity and see the NA/Heyliger Executive Council lead our country into an abyss.