Senator/councilman George Pantophlet: Taking the Bull by the horns

It is about time that someone took the bull by the horns and that is exactly what commissioner of Finance Xavier Blackman is doing in addressing the need for Tax Reform. 

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The discussions on indirect or direct taxes, wage tax, profit tax, turnover tax you name it has been ongoing for quite some time now but nothing concrete was ever done. The very fact that the commissioner of Finance is willing to take the bull by the horns should be commended. A lot has been said, is being said and will be said on the issue of taxes and how it should be addressed. What should not be forgotten is that nothing has been approved or applied as yet. Suggestions have been presented and many good arguments have been brought forward. I am convinced that the commissioner knows what he is doing and has done. I am sure he is still conducting an indebt study on the plan of approach. I am also sure that consultations have taken place and these will continue. And before anything concrete is done it will come to the representatives of the people along with the stakeholders. Don’t forget a statement the commissioner has been repeating all the time which is a module that is suitable for St. Maarten. If one can show me the country with the best tax system in the world that has no loopholes then man did not make it. Travelling to the Netherlands does not mean we will apply the same tax structure used there. St. Maarten is unique and whatever module is implemented has to take into consideration the French side of the island and also the neighboring islands. As we approach country status there are many more challenges that lie ahead. One thing that is very discouraging in the tax world is that we can’t find a proper module for legalizing morality and integrity.