GEBE signs MOU with Indigo Bay

GEBE signed a memorandum of understanding with the developers of Indigo Bay on June 28, 2010, officially finalizing the location, technical specifications and conditions of the installation of new utilities that will feed the project and the relocation of the existing utilities that are feeding the Northern and Eastern part of Dutch St. Maarten.  

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The process to finalize the location of these lines has been ongoing for approximately 13 years after initially meeting with leader of government Vance James in 1997. Design changes, disputes of the location of the public road, and more recently the global economic downturn were some of the reasons for the extended delay of the project.

The trench work kicked off on July 13, 2010 and the installation should be finalized in four to five months. Existing main waterlines and high voltage cables presently serving the Northern and Eastern side of Dutch St. Maarten will also be replaced by larger and higher capacity lines and cables, enabling GEBE to transport the water and energy produced by GEBE‘s Cay Bay Power Plant and the Air Fin Water Plant to meet the growing demands for the next 15 years.

The upgrade in cables and pipes will also result in higher reliability in the service of electricity and water and enable GEBE to response quicker to cable faults and water leaks on the main supply connections between the power plant and the Northern and Eastern side of Dutch St. Maarten.

GEBE is happy to have reached this major milestone with the developers of the Indigo Project in the best interest of the community of St. Maarten.