EWEF and St. Maarten Pride urge Government to take action to protect the Emilio Wilson Estate

Foundations concerned not enough has been done

In just a few weeks half a decade will have passed since the at that time unregistered Emilio Wilson Estate B.V. submitted its planning permit request for the subdivision and development of the Emilio Wilson Estate in August of 2005. 

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August 2010 will therefore also mark five years since the Emilio Wilson Estate Foundation, the Emilio Wilson Cultural and Historical Park Foundation, the Heritage Foundation and a large number of concerned residents launched renewed efforts to protect the Emilio Wilson Estate.

From 2005 through 2008 Government implemented a number of basic measures towards the protection of the area, including placing the entire Estate on the monument list.

In its verdict on the court case between the Emilio Wilson Estate B.V. and the Island Government, regarding Government’s decision to deny the planning permit request submitted by the B.V., the Court of first instance advised the Executive Council to draft a comprehensive conservation zoning plan for the Emilio Wilson Estate to ensure the legal protection of the area.

In 2008 the VROM department of Sector ROB compiled a "draft preparatory resolution Conservation Areas" which includes what is in essence the first step towards the aforementioned zoning plan for the entire Emilio Wilson Estate. Two years later in July 2010 the Zoning Plan for the Emilio Wilson Estate has not yet been completed. The Foundations are concerned that not enough is being done to legally ensure the protection of the estate.

Information reaching the Foundations revealing that Estate shareholder and initiator of the much disputed plans for the development of the Estate, Mr. Henri Brookson has partnered with a Realtor and former Commissioner in the drafting of new plans and strategies for the development of the area only adds to the Foundations’ concerns.

The Foundations do not wish to be confronted with a situation whereby the Courts decide to grant developers permission to develop the estate because Government did not take sufficient measures to protect the area.

Emilio Wilson Estate Foundation and St. Maarten Pride Foundation once again urge Government to pursue all possible legal and financial means necessary to realize its commitment to the people of St. Maarten to secure the Emilio Wilson Estate as the Island’s first protected area.

Emilio Wilson Estate Foundation

St. Maarten Pride Foundation