Erno Labega back at GIS

On Monday, July 12, Erno Labega reported back to work at the Department of the Government Information Service after serving as a member of Parliament and State Secretary. 

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Labega indicated that he is pleased to be back. "I am glad to be back at GIS, it is a department that is important to the government, the people of St. Maarten and the region. I am ready to take on the task."

While a Member of Parliament, I represented St. Maarten in all aspects of the law making process. The experience was very worthwhile in developing knowledge and expertise in public administration and governing.

Now that Labega is no longer in Parliament, he will resume his tasks at the Government’s Information Service ending his period of Leave of Absence which was granted to serve in the elected position. It is stipulated by law that, unless a different job is obtained, the same job is guaranteed and would be available.

There are several projects that are ongoing, and I have some ideas of my own. Along with the team at GIS, we will continue our work to provide the public with up to date information from government on issues of policy, projects, events, and general information.

While serving as a Member of Parliament, as well as the State Secretary of Justice in the Council of Ministers prior to that, Labega was helpful to many in areas other than his direct line of duty. As he stated, "no one should have to take a plane to Curacao to regulate certain documents as long as our St. Maarten representatives in Curacao can assist. It’s simple and the right thing to do."

With the changes of government and the moving from our present political structure to the new structure of a Parliament and Council of Ministers for Country St. Maarten, it means that much information, awareness, advice and direction must be offered to the public, says Labega. The population must have a clear understanding of how things will change and how they will be affected by any new procedures. GIS will continue to work with all departments to ensure their messages are clear, concise and timely.