Part of L.B. Scott Road to be closed as of Monday to vehicular traffic

Due to maintenance works activities that need to be carried out, the Department of New Projects Development and Planning, is informing the public that parts of the L.B. Scott Road will be closed to vehicular traffic as of Monday, July 12. 

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Directional signs will be erected to indicate how the diverted traffic will flow and motorists are asked to pay attention and drive carefully.

Traffic will be disrupted at the intersection of L.B. Scott Road/Boulanger Road, as of Monday, July 12 at 7.00am until Wednesday, July 14 when the road will be re-opened for vehicular traffic.

L.B. Scott Road will be closed between St. Peters Road and Messapple Road as of Tuesday, July 13 at 7.00am until Thursday, July 15 when the road is re-opened to traffic.

The execution and completion of the maintenance works are conditioned on weather conditions.

The Department of New Projects Development and Planning apologizes to the public for any inconvenience that these necessary activities will cause.