Because of Prayer life story presented to Curacao and St. Maarten hospitals

St. Martin Author Felecita Williams has presented her new book Because of Prayer to ir. Javier Hernandez, chairman of the Board of Directors and current general director of the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Curacao (6/22).  

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Williams also presented a copy of her autobiography to Anita Kerdijk-Rotsburg of the Dialysis Department at the St. Maarten Medical Center (6/16). In both cases, said Williams, "I briefly explained that I wrote an autobiography that included my near-death experiences and treatment for my kidney failure. Seeing that part of my medical history was experienced at the hospitals in St. Maarten and Curacao, I wanted to present a book to both institutions for their library or reading lounge as motivational reading for patients and visitors. I was happily received at the SMMC. After the presentation at St. Elisabeth I got a tour of the hospital. The hospital officials were happy to show me especially the children’s ward. Much had changed since I was there as a bed-ridden child patient. And now, thank God, I was walking around, visiting." The Curacao Nobo newspaper was impressed enough with Williams’s story to report the presentation in its July 3 edition. Because of Prayer is available at Van Dorp and Arnia’s, and through family members in Willemstad.