Island Councilman Roy Marlin says ”Dutch win or lose Monday should be a holiday in St.Maarten”

Whether the Dutch football team wins or loses in the World Cup Finals on Sunday, a holiday should be declared in St. Maarten as that would be a great achievement for citizens of the kingdom, says Democratic Party (DP) Roy Marlin. 

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The Dutch team had performed tremendously throughout the competition and showed their passion for the game by outplaying football legends such as Brazil on Friday.

We should be proud of the team after all we are still a part of the kingdom. Dutch Princess Maxima, born in Argentina, was cheering for the boys in orange in South Africa. We as St. Maarten also need to celebrate the honour.

I call on government to declare Monday a holiday; have St. Maarten close for the day to savour victory of the Dutch team because I firmly believe they will be the next FIFA World Cup Champions.