Police Report: Man found dead in his vehicle

On Thursday evening, July 1st at approximately 10.15 p.m., a police patrol of the Simpson bay District was sent to Cupe Coy Beach where a man was found sitting in his vehicle and was not showing any signs of life. 

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On the scene the patrol spoke to a witness with initials L.A.J. who stated that her husband Jean Paul Jeremie was supposed to come and pick her up from work, however he never showed up. She further stated that she felt that something was wrong and immediately notified the rest of the family. A search for Jean Paul Jeremie started immediately. During the search the vehicle of the victim was found on the beach in Cupe Coy and was showing of life. The victim who is a diabetic has been complaining recently of pains in his chest and for some time was admitted in the hospital in Martinique. The doctor that arrived on the scene stated that the victim had died of natural causes. The body of the victim was transported to a morgue. There are no indication of fowl play in this case.