Man injures himself in police cell

On Wednesday evening at approximately 07.00 p.m. the paramedics were sent to the police station in Philipsburg to attend to a man who was held in the police cells for Immigration reasons. This man had seriously injured himself by intentionally slamming his head into the concrete walls and/or the iron bars.  

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This man with initials D.J.P from the United Kingdom who arrived on June 25th 2010 on the island, was held alone in that particular cell at the time of the incident. On the day of his arrival police assistance was called for him, because of him running around in the nude in the area of Simpson Bay. On that day he was taken by police to the medical center for his mental state/condition to be checked out by a doctor. After he was checked out, he was released in police custody.

Taking his mental health into consideration and that he was a threat for the general public, he was kept in police custody. The Immigration Department in the meantime was working on his return back to the United Kingdom.

On Wednesday June 30th in the evening during a routine control of the police cells the police officers noticed that that the man in question was bleeding profusely from a wound to head.

He was given first aid treatment by the paramedics and then transported to Sint Maarten Medical Center for further treatment. He was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit for over night observation. This morning he was released from the ICU and was placed on the medical ward.

The police dept. has been in constant with consulate for the U.K. and all necessary arrangements are been made for his safe return back to the U.K.