Study financing recipients asked to send in their information

The Insular Department of Education, section Study Financing would like to inform all study financing recipients and their parents that the deadline for submitting grades is July 15. 

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In connection with the extension of study financing for the upcoming school year 2010/2011 all study financing recipients are required to submit the following information:

1. Official transcript is required for the 2009/2010 school year

2. 2008 filed tax papers of parents

Students who fail to meet the abovementioned deadline will be given the opportunity to submit their information by July 31, 2010 with the understanding that they are late and as such payments cannot be guaranteed in a timely manner.

Those who fail to submit the required information will not receive any payments for the upcoming payment period.

The following information should also be submitted by all students:

1. Local address and contact number

2. Address and telephone number at place of study

3. Email address

4. Expected graduation date

In accordance with the regulations under which study financing has been granted, students are required to keep their information current at all times.

Failure to do so may result in the delay of study financing payments.

Students may update their contact information by sending an email to in**@st*******.org or by visiting the Study Financing section.