Roof Wetting Ceremony held at Sister Magda School’s New 2 Level Building Roof

On June 30, Commissioner William Marlin conducted the ROOFWETTING ceremony at Sister Magda school. 

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William Marlin went on top of the roof on the new two level building of Sister Magda School, and conducted the roof wetting together with the contractor and Angela Dekker, Project manager Innovations.

Also present were Mr. Mathias Voges for the school board, representatives from ROB, Consulting firm ICE, the school manager, teachers and most importantly the students.

When school starts in August, the school will have 1 extra classroom, a resource center, 2 offices for student care, a large covered playground with canteen and kitchen.

The costs involved for this project are NAf 1.000.000

This is part of the construction program in Foundation Based Education that started in 2004 financed through USONA by the Dutch Government. The total of the infrastructural expenses for the FBE schools is NAf 20.000.000.

In the coming year 2 new schools for FBE will be constructed, and there will be extensions for 2 other schools.